Code of Ethics

Japan Transport Cooperation Association Consultant Code of Ethics

We, members of the Japan Transport Cooperation Association (hereinafter referred to as “members”) of the General Association provide consulting services in good faith and fairness based on highly specialized knowledge and rich experience, thereby improving transportation facilities overseas Cooperate with others. In business, we will endeavor to conclude a proper contract as a pursuit of the true interests of the client (client).

1. Respect for contracts
In carrying out duties, a member shall comply with the contract and provide specialized services based on optimal technology with respect to the field of his / her specialty.

2. Compensation
Members shall not receive anything other than the fee paid by the client based on the contract in carrying out the work.

3. Promote trust
Members shall endeavor to fulfill their duties with the best efforts based on mutual understanding and agreement by promoting a relationship of trust with the client and frankly disclosing consultant views as necessary.

4. Strict observance of secrecy
Without obtaining client’s consent in advance, the member may disclose this information directly to a third party or use it for another business, regardless of whether it is indirect or indirect, regarding the information, It will not be.

5. Maintaining neutrality
Members shall not engage in business with the conscience’s conscience, authority, expertise and do not act to cause doubts with other stakeholders.

6. International cooperation
In accordance with the purpose of establishing the Overseas Transport Cooperation Association, members will provide consulting services and promote international cooperation based on the principles and principles of Japan’s ODA Charter.

7. Fair competition
Members respect the technological skills cultivated in our country and observe various laws and ordinances based on conscientious conscience of consultants so that we can fairly compete freely.

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