Message from the President

President Mr. Heizo KITO

Japan Transport Cooperation Association (JTCA) was founded in 1973 based on the idea of contributing to social and economic development of developing countries.

We have been engaged in comprehensive research on international cooperation, promotion of overseas consultancy activities, and for human resource development both in and outside Japan in the transport sector.

Coping with the changing of the times, the government is strongly promoting overseas infrastructure development with “New Strategies of Overseas Infrastructure Development”, taking into account the recent growing demand for infrastructure development in various countries around the world.

As international competition intensifies, related ministries and agencies, Japanese companies, etc. must work together at an early stage to discover and build high quality, environmentally friendly infrastructure projects around the country.

JTCA maintains a strong network with ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) countries, enhances knowledge and skills we have cultivated, and is eager to formulate projects for Japan’s ODA (Official Development Assistance) and PPP (public-private partnership). In addition, we will strengthen our consultancy function and continue to focus on activities as a platform for public-private partnership.

We appreciate your continued cooperation.

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