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1. Research / Research Project

We conduct surveys, research and cooperation seminar projects in transportation and tourism fields in developing countries including ASEAN in order to expand overseas operations of Japanese companies.

2. Project discovery / formation survey

We carry out preliminary development surveys on projects planned by local governments and others, form ODA and PPP projects, and implement projects that contribute to the economic development of the country concerned.

3. Human resource development business

Overseas human resource development

We invite people in the transportation and tourism field at local governments and related organizations to exchange and exchange opinions with stakeholders in our country and introduce Japanese infrastructure related facilities to contribute to human resource development in the relevant country I am moving.

Domestic human resource development

In order to foster global human resources capable of comprehensively utilizing the technology and know-how possessed by private companies,
We provide training for newly appointed persons involved in consulting work to improve capacity.

4. Information provision business

In order to provide up-to-date information on transportation and tourism fields and international cooperation in developing countries, we hold seminars and publish magazine “overseas transportation” etc. and conduct public relations activities.

5. Cooperation and interaction with related organizations

In order to promote comprehensive consulting activities of the transportation and tourism division and overseas development of infrastructure development, we are collaborating with related organizations both in Japan and abroad and participating in international conferences such as ASEAN for exchanges.

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